Picture of Today 7/19/16, Over the Mountian to The Moon…

On a plane trip earlier today, to San Diego..

Almost fell asleep..then the corner of my eye caught the striking majesty of Mt. Rainer from above. Oh, such a sight to behold! Took the pic and went back to sleep. The ride felt peaceful as I eventually woke up to the Full Moon above San Diego.

How fantastic, I thought. To think, a new adventure ahead and such sights are just the beginning..

Orion T

And here’s another pic after my descent. What a Moon!

Picture of Today 2/21/16, Full Beast Moon

A wild Full Moon suddenly appears!

Lucky I had my trusty (yet damaged from a recent drop) camera handy to capture it. I managed to get a little of that early yellow, though the sky was much brighter than pictured. I had experiment much to get this right with no tripod. And here we are, with the Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch doing a photobomb. 

-Orion T

Picture of Today 7/30/15, the Summer Blue Moon


The Almost Full Blue Moon (edit – just learned it’s not quite yet, but at 3:42 in the morning), now here in Seattle while the sun sets.

The evening is cooling from the hot summer day, with the temperature at 81 Fahrenheit now.

Here is a closer look..

The rise was east of Seattle’s Downtown, as seen from Kerry Park. 

The sunset was at about the same time. The city noticed…


– Orion T

Picture of a Double Moon


Looking forward to that Blood Moon lunar eclipse tonight, if only no overcast and I can stay awake until 3:30.

Yesterday night, was another interesting events..double Moons!! It’s quite an rare sight for one to notice. One just needs to be at the right place at the right time, with the right angle of the Moon hitting through two angles off the corner of a glass building. And then. one would need to notice within three walking steps, head pointing in a very specific direction while moving slightly upwards. Then run home, and get a longer lens. Come back and hope the sight is still there.

It was, and now here it is..

Picture of Last Night – the SuperMoon over Seattle


Last night was another SuperMoon, a phenomenon where our lone natural satellite appears bigger (16% last night) than normal. I shot this picture with no tripod in the wind, after lots of different tries with different settings (with light Photoshop editing). I’m not not much of a pro, but do have fun trying.

Here are other tries (with light Photoshop editing)..